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Estimating ICE-BREAK damages in forests stands using LiDAR data

Natural disturbances as Ice-break causing different size and shape of damage in stands. How to estimate it from different aspects using ALS data from before/after disturbances or salvage cutting presents poster here: POSTER_ESTIMATING ICE-BREAK DAMAGES. For more information, please contact: Milan Kobal .

Comparing LiDAR estimations with harvested trees: a first step

Five days (7th to 11th of October) of harvesting in experimental plots were hosted in Cotolivier (Upper Susa Valley, TO) test site area (PA 15). The Italian Association of Forestry Trainers (AIFOR) executed the forest operations within three experimental field plots of UNITO project partner (PP9). During the experimental thinning 85 trees were harvested (51 …

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NEWFOR Italian Partners Meeting in Trento – March 13, 2013

Italian partners of Trento Province, University of Padova and University of Turin had a meeting in Trento on March 13. During this meeting the activities done during last winter have been presented and common plans for the future have been discussed. For what concerns WP4 discussions focus the attention on the possibility to fix a …

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ALS State of the art

Below you can dowload the ALS state of the art that was submitted to the JTS: ALS_state_of_the_art2012

WP4 – Pilot area Leskova dolina – Data available at SFI

WP 4 – Data_Leskova_Slovenian Forestry Institute

Seminar: “Development of a Forest Inventory System Using Full Waveform Lidar” – Legnaro 6 June 2012

On June 6 a seminar about the development of a forest inventory system using full waveform LiDAR has been delivered by Prof. Samsung Lim at the Department TeSAF. The seminar has been organized within the NEWFOR activities as the topic is strictly related with the aims of WP4. The presentation was interesting and useful as …

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UAV Workshop

A workshop about UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) was held on May 25th 2012 at the Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing at Vienna University of Technology. The objective was to share experiences about the acquisition and processing challenges of this promising remote sensing platform. The program and description of outcomes can be downloaded with the …

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