Category: WP5

Nov 18 2014


There is presented idea how to use mathematical graph theory in a way to find optimal solution in the case of wood-extraction by skidding, regarding different optimization criteria. The optimization process is in graph theory known as shortest path problem where weight of an edge (eg. skidding trail) in a graph (skidding trail network) represent …

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Jan 14 2014

NEWFOR CableWay – Forestry cable crane skyline in 3D

NEWFOR CableWay – NCW: Skyline-design visualization tool NCW is a software solution to visualize single skyline including some safety parameters developed within NEWFOR project. Zipped file (25 MB) is now available to download on link down-there. Software normaly starts if there is updatetd java on PC by double-click on executable file (NEWFOR Cable line.jar). This …

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Mar 27 2013

NEWFOR Italian Partners Meeting in Trento – March 13, 2013

Italian partners of Trento Province, University of Padova and University of Turin had a meeting in Trento on March 13. During this meeting the activities done during last winter have been presented and common plans for the future have been discussed. For what concerns WP4 discussions focus the attention on the possibility to fix a …

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Jun 15 2012

Workshop about Web-GIS Tool for cable crane planning

A preliminary meeting about the development of a Web-GIS Tool for preliminary cable crane planning was held on May 22-23th 2012 at the Department TeSAF of the University of Padova . The meeting was within the activities of the WP5 and WP8. The objective of the meeting was to share the ideas regarding the objectives …

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