Category: Forest accessibility

Oct 30 2015

Sylvaccess : automated mapping of forest accessibility – (un modèle pour cartographier automatiquement l’accessibilité des forêts)

A french publication presents the automated tool Sylvaccessfor forest accessibility mapping, developped during the Newfor project. This tool is available in open-source. Dupire, Sylvain ; Bourrier, Franck ; Monnet, Jean-Matthieu ; Frédéric Berger 2015 – Sylvaccess : un modèle pour cartographier automatiquement l’accessibilité des forêts. – Revue Forestière Française, 2015, 70, 2, pp. 111-126. …

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Jul 28 2015

Newfor methodologies implemented in other projects

The methodologies of resource and accessibility (Sylvaccess) mapping developed during the Newfor project have been implemented in three projects involving Irstea. Project PlanEter: the tools were used to map the fuelwood resource in the Bas-Valais (Switzerland). Project report on fuelwood mapping (french) Project Forest Resource in Auvergne: the tools were used to map the forest …

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Apr 28 2015

Main project deliverables available for download

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Feb 18 2015

Transfer of data and results to stakeholders, test site Jura

Forest managers and representatives of private and public forest attended a meeting organized to present the data and results of the Jura test area (Jan. 28th).  Resource (JM Monnet) and accessibility (S. Dupire) results were presented and the data transfer was discussed. The attendance sheet is available to logged-in users. Le 28 janvier, une réunion de présentation …

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Feb 17 2015

Skidding with automatic chokers

FCBA published an article about the use of automatic chokers for skidding. Article (in French)

Dec 03 2014

Newfor @ ForestSAT 2014

ForestSAT is a scientific conference dedicated to forest remote sensing. The 2014 edition was held in Riva del Garda (Italy), Nov. 4-8. Several Newfor partners attended the conference and presented some outcomes of the project: NEWFOR – Enhancing the wood supply chain within the alpine space – An insight in forest delineation, stratification of growing …

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Nov 25 2014

NEWFOR @ FORMEC-FEC 2014 – Analyzing forwarder operation by consumer-grade GPS in mountainous conditions

The potential of Global Positioning System (GPS) in forestry applications has been already proven. Even if the use of GPS under forest canopy is problematic in terms of performance and accuracy, its installation on forest machineries is considered an innovative technology to extract basic information such as point to point distance, traveled distance, mean and …

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Nov 18 2014


There is presented idea how to use mathematical graph theory in a way to find optimal solution in the case of wood-extraction by skidding, regarding different optimization criteria. The optimization process is in graph theory known as shortest path problem where weight of an edge (eg. skidding trail) in a graph (skidding trail network) represent …

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Oct 07 2014


Some outcomes of Newfor project were presented at the Fifth Forest Engineering Conference during September 23-26, 2014 in Gerardmer, France. P. Magaud and A. Bouvet from FCBA presented a poster about “Productivity analysis of current cable yarding operations in “the French Alps“. Th. Carrette and Ch. Ginet from FCBA gave a talk about “Analysis of …

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Mar 20 2014

NEWFOR at Precision Forestry Symposium in South Africa

The work “Evaluation of forest growing stock accessibility for harvesting systems using LiDAR data” conducted in the NEWFOR test site Altopiano di Asiago have been presented from PP10 (TeSAF) at the Precision Forestry Symposium that have been held in Stellenbosch (South Africa) from the 3 – 5 March 2014. The presentation can be downloaded here: …

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