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Suitability of Lidar for the assessment of forest protection effect against rockfall

This article shows that the methodologies tested in the Newfor project for forest resource mapping also have wider applications in mountain management, e.g. natural risks. Monnet, J.-M., Bourrier, F., Dupire, S., Berger, F. 2016. Suitability of airborne laser scanning for the assessment of forest protection effect against rockfall. Landslides. PDF DOI 10.1007/s10346-016-0687-5 Rockfall simulation models …

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Lidar forest resource estimation in the French Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Volumes 211-212 of the French Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (Revue Française de Photogrammétrie et Télédétection) are dedicated to forests. Results of the Newfor projects were presented in two articles : Monnet, J.-M., Chirouze, É., Mermin, É. 2015. Estimation de paramètres forestiers par données LiDAR aéroporté et imagerie satellitaire RapidEye – Étude de sensibilité. …

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Sylvaccess : automated mapping of forest accessibility – (un modèle pour cartographier automatiquement l’accessibilité des forêts)

A french publication presents the automated tool Sylvaccessfor forest accessibility mapping, developped during the Newfor project. This tool is available in open-source. Dupire, Sylvain ; Bourrier, Franck ; Monnet, Jean-Matthieu ; Frédéric Berger 2015 – Sylvaccess : un modèle pour cartographier automatiquement l’accessibilité des forêts. – Revue Forestière Française, 2015, 70, 2, pp. 111-126. …

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A Benchmark of Lidar-Based Single Tree Detection Methods…

This article on single tree detection benchmarking is a great example of the collaboration between project partners in order to compare methods and propose solutions for a better forest management. The corresponding dataset was made public in order to enhance possibilities of comparison and future improvements. Eysn, L.; Hollaus, M.; Lindberg, E.; Berger, F.; Monnet, …

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Main project deliverables available for download

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Download: NEWFOR Lidar Single Tree Detection Benchmark Dataset

Dear Visitor, The NEWFOR partners agreed on making the Lidar single tree detection benchmark dataset public. We believe that having such a dataset public is an important way to help researchers test their algorithms and compare them to existing ones, thus fostering new developments and their evaluation. The data of 15 different study areas in …

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Skidding with automatic chokers

FCBA published an article about the use of automatic chokers for skidding. Article (in French)

Newfor project presentation over radio broadcast

Slovenia Forest Service made a presentation of Newfor project purposes and aims, over radio broadcast (radio Ognjišče), with listeners all over Slovenia. Radio show is recorded only in Slovene.


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WoodChainManager – the online application to visualize and to summarize costs of the forestry-wood supply chain.

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