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Transfer of data and results to stakeholders, test site Vercors

Forest managers and representatives of private and public forest attended a meeting organized to present the data and results of the Vercors test area (Feb. 14th).  Resource (JM Monnet) and accessibility (S. Dupire) results were presented and the data transfer was discussed. The attendance sheet is available to logged-in users.

NEWFOR CableWay – Forestry cable crane skyline in 3D

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Newfor @ IUFRO 3.06 Conference

Some ouputs of the NEWFOR project were presented at the IUFRO 3.06 conference : Forest operations in mountainous terrain that was held in Norway (June 2013). Paul Magaud from FCBA presented “A methodological approach towards specific cost and productivity models for cable yarding in the French Alps“. The presentation pdf is here : Presentation_Magaud. …

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Newfor @ Forgeco conference “Better production and protection”

Some outcomes of the Newfor project were presented at the conference “Better production and protection” that was held in Lyon, France. The presentation was entitled “LiDAR: a tool for the estimation of forest resource and accessibility” (in French) 20121204-Colloque_Forgeco-150dpi_newfor


The running activity in the NEWFOR test-site concerning the use of LiDAR data to support forest management have been presented at the GIS-DAY 2012 held in Legnaro (PD) on November 14th. The presentation can be downloaded here (italian only): UTILIZZO_DI_DATI_LIDAR_A_SUPPORTO_DELLA_PIANIFICAZIONE_FORESTALE


NEWFOR project and running activities in the Asiago test site have been presented at the 16th ASITA National Conference held in Vicenza on November 6-9, 2012. The presentation can be downloaded here NEWFOR_Asita2012 or can be viewed here (it is the second presentation, at 18 min 20 sec) (italian language only) Proceeding can be found …

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Workshop about Web-GIS Tool for cable crane planning

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WP5 – Forest accessibility

After the identification of forest resources, the second step of an efficient forest management is to evaluate the accessibility of these resources. In mountain area topography is the main constraint to a technical and economically efficient harvesting. This WP will demonstrate how to use topographic LiDAR data in geographic information systems (GIS) for an optimal …

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