Download: NEWFOR Lidar Single Tree Detection Benchmark Dataset

Dear Visitor,

The NEWFOR partners agreed on making the Lidar single tree detection benchmark dataset public. We believe that having such a dataset public is an important way to help researchers test their algorithms and compare them to existing ones, thus fostering new developments and their evaluation. The data of 15 different study areas in 5 countries of the Alpine Space are made available here:


The detailed report about the NEWFOR Lidar single tree detection benchmark can be found here:

The following data are provided:
# Airborne Laser Scanning data in *.las format
# DTM in *.tif format (1x1m or 0.5×0.5m spatial resolution)
# Forest Inventory data in *.shp format
# Area of Interest in *.shp format
# Metainformation of the data
# Statistical Parameters about the FI data can be found in the publication cited hereafter.

The data usage is strictly limited to research and educational purposes only. Other usage is prohibited. The data remain property of the NEWFOR partners.

In case of any publication or usage of this dataset:
Users are asked to cite the following paper:

Eysn, L.; Hollaus, M.; Lindberg, E.; Berger, F.; Monnet, J.-M.; Dalponte, M.; Kobal, M.; Pellegrini, M.; Lingua, E.; Mongus, D.; Pfeifer, N. A Benchmark of Lidar-Based Single Tree Detection Methods Using Heterogeneous Forest Data from the Alpine Space. Forests 2015, 6, 1721-1747.

Users are asked to cite the NEWFOR Project (funded by the Alpine Space Programme, European Territorial Cooperation 2007-2013)

***** Thank you for using this dataset and good luck for your studies! *****
updated May 18, 2015 with article reference