Main project deliverables

From this page are accessible the deliverables of the Newfor project. Other project ouputs were previously posted and are accessible through the « Activities » menu or the search bar.

  • WP3 – Dissemination
  1. Project presentation (26 min video)
  2. NEWFOR handbook – projects description and achievements, tools, results, recommendations.
  3. Newfor project overview and pilot areas – booklet.
  4. Newfor main results and recommendations – booklet.
  5. Newfor summer school program and presentations.
  • WP4 – Forest resource
  1. LiDAR data providers.
  2. High resolution aerial images from UAV for forest applications – State of the Art.
  3. Airborne LiDAR for forest applications – State of the Art.
  4. A review of surface roughness concepts, indices and applications.
  5. Single tree detection benchmark – report. Dataset.
  6. Quantifying damage and potential recovery following natural disturbances in alpine forests using remote sensing techniques.
  • WP5 – Accessibility
  1. Harvesting technologies used in the Alpine Space according to topographic and forest network situation and  data available.
  2. Airborne laser scanning for forest road detection – State of the art.
  3. Newfor CableWay, a software solution to visualise skyline design in cable yarding. Quick guide. Video. Software.
  4. Sylvaccess, a model to map forest accessibility. Poster presentation. Licence, source and Win64 binary.
  • WP6 – Connectivity
  1. General presentation of the wood transport sector in the Alpine Space.
  2. Toward a logistic methodology for the optimisation of timber mobilisation.
  3. Benchmark of the current logistic methodologies
  4. Recommendations for making forest roads data usable for route guidance systems.
  • WP7 – Costs and benefits
  1. English glossary for estimating the costs of cable crane operations with HeProMO, the wood harvesting productivity model from WSL.
  2. Test of the HeProMo software for cable yarding in the French Alps.
  3. WoodChainManager online tool for the visualisation of production processes and cost estimates.
  4. The Slovenian Wood Energy Information System (SWEIS).
  • WP8 – Logistical planning strategy
  1. Recommendation paper for adaptation of national/regional legislation.
  2. Requirements catalogue for transportation infrastructure in relation to mobilisation of forest resources.
  3. Report on good practice examples on timber supply chain efficient logistic planning in test-beds.