Newfor @ ForestSAT 2014

ForestSAT is a scientific conference dedicated to forest remote sensing. The 2014 edition was held in Riva del Garda (Italy), Nov. 4-8. Several Newfor partners attended the conference and presented some outcomes of the project:

  • NEWFOR – Enhancing the wood supply chain within the alpine space – An insight in forest delineation, stratification of growing stock models and forest roads extraction based on LIDAR data. Lothar Eysn, Markus Hollaus, Frédéric Berger Presentation
  • Evaluation of the effect of accessibility on forest stand structure with airborne laser scanning data and GIS-based models. Jérémy Bellier, Jean-Matthieu Monnet, Sylvain Dupire, Thomas Cordonnier Presentation
  • UAVs for change detection in forestry: preliminary insights and assessment. Francesco Pirotti, Marco Pellegrini, Niccolò Marchi, Matteo Garbarino, Emanuele Sibona, Fabio Meloni, Renzo Motta, Damiano Fedel, Paola Comin, Alessandro Wolynski, Bruna Comini, Alessandro Vitali, Emanuele Lingua