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The study areas in France are located in the Franche-Comté and Rhône-Alpes regions. In Rhône-Alpes, four areas where LiDAR data were previously acquired by Cemagref/Irstea will be considered

  1. Chablais (Haute-Savoie, 100 km²)
  2. Chamonix valley (Haute-Savoie, 100 km²)
  3. Arlysère (Savoie et Isère: Beaufortain, Tamié and Grésy, total 100 km²)
  4. Quatre montagnes (Vercors isérois, 50 km²)

The acquisition in Franche-Comté is funded by the project, it has been flown in Sept. 2012. It is located near the town of Saint Claude in Jura and has a total area of 110 km² for 3 sub-zones (yellow area below).