TESAF Test-Site: Student visit – Asiago 5 June 2012

Inside TeSAF Test-site in Asiago is located a long term monitoring plot (1 hectare area) established inside the forest compartment D117, originally designed for ecological research. Inside this multilayered fir-spruce-beech forest, all living and dead trees with DBH ≥ 7.5 cm are inventoried (specie, DBH, total height, height of the lowest living branches, 4 orthogonal radii of the vertical crown projection) and mapped.

This characteristics make it an ideal area for Applied silviculture field trip where student were divided into working team. Each group have to choose the most appropriate silvicultural intervention marking the trees that have to be cut. The simulated marking was done simply recording the tree number on the list of the mapped tree.

During the visit students get also familiar with the aim of NEWFOR project and with the potential of LiDAR data in evaluating the structural parameters and accessibility conditions of the forest. The results of the field activity will be analyzed with the lidar data collected in June.