Wood Fuel Calculator – preliminary calculation of different units of firewood (bulk, mass, energy)

The Wood Fuel Calculator is a tool that can be used to preliminary calculation of different typical units (bulk, mass energy). For this calculation different factors are used. It is not necessary that this calculation always represent real situation, but still gives us orientation in converting and comparison between different units of fuel-wood. The Calculator was developed by Department of Forest Technique and Economics at Slovenian Forest Institute in the frame of NewFor WP7 to help and provide users an actual wood production unit that can be used in cost calculation or interpretation. Results have informative nature and authors will not be responsible for use or miss use of results.The Calculator, which is available in .zip file here has been published in Slovenian and English language version at Slovenian Forest Institute website. For more information, please contact: Nike Krajnc .
Recommended steps for using this calculator: 1. Choosing tree species 2. Writing water content (see section definitions-water content) 3. Writing one of the units – number can be written in any of available fields (number written can be a whole number or a number with decimal number) 4. Select bottom »Calculate« 5. If you want to use the calculator with a new number you have to click on »Clean« first then start with step 1 again. 6. With click on button »Save« a new window will open that gives you the opportunity to select the folder for saving the .txt file with calculation result. Capture